Back To Basics – 14 Pro Tips To Succeeding In Online Cold Sales

Even though a sales funnel can easily be translated into a numbers game – here are a few tips i’ve learned over the years of doing cold calling and selling to people I’ve never met or spoken to before: Understand your market & audience – This tip is pretty trivial but more often than not […]

Advertising VS Marketing And Why So Many People Are Getting This Wrong!

Online Advertising and Marketing are totally different things! There – I said it. It had to be said. Someone had to say it. SOOO many people have been getting this wrong, thinking that marketing and advertising are the same thing. Well – they are not. While it might seem like they mean the same thing […]

Your Company IS Your Mastermind!

In the past few years the concept of a mastermind has really taken off. More and more entrepreneurs and leaders participate in a mastermind or formulate one themselves. Moments before launching my own mastermind I would like you to consider the following observations: Your startup (company) is YOUR mastermind.  What do i mean by that? Well […]

Don’t Buy Technology – Buy Sales!

The lean startup movement talks about investing wisely into your product and offering – building around consumer wishes trying to prove/disprove your business hypothesis and leap of faith hypothesis. I challenge that mentality by saying – don’t build technology – build sales. But what does that mean? It means that technology is merely a means […]

Treat Everything You Do OR Build As A Product

In today’s world everything you do or publish is a product. The most valuable asset people have is time. Whenever people interact with the things you have built, published, shared should be treated as people investing their time into you and your doing. Treat them with respect – provide them with real value and meaningful […]

This Simple 2 Liner Email Gets My Foot In The Door 50% Of The Time

Let’s face it – doing sales / business development for an online company is hard. Getting the first response from your lead is often harder than closing the actual sale. With today’s countless means of communication – each and every one of us is getting bombarded with emails, messages, texts, pings, etc. Moreover if you […]

Top Questions Every Future Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves Prior To Starting A Business

Let’s face it – starting a business is one of the most irrational decisions you can ever make. For every company that makes it – there are an estimated 1000 companies that don’t. The odds are never in your favor and the cliche of “I want to be my own boss” is a bunch of […]