What is Road to Monies?

Road To Monies is a startup manuscript. It includes thoughts and insights from building, launching and scaling countless projects and numerous startups. The content is provided as is and might not be 100% applicable to your business or career path.

I cover the following topics in this blog:

1. Funding. Talent. Awareness. Sales. Retention. 

These are the corner stones of any business. Take any one of these elements away and your business might not make it past the first few months.

2. Startup Mindset.

Entrepreneurship of any kind requires an endless amount of persistence. Only those who are willing to put in the endless hours, challenge the world and follow their heart – even against all odds – are the ones that will prevail.

3. Execution. Distribution.

Even if you have an amazing product without the ability to execute your commercial plan it might never land in your customer’s hands.

Everyday we burry brilliant ideas simply due to poor execution, where as other mediocre products with killer executions are able to sell millions of units world wide.

4. KPI. Analysis.

Measuring every detail about your business is imperative for improvement. The more you know- the better your business can become.

5. Bottom Line.

In this blog I share my personal experiences in building tech startups. I will take you through the challenges I was forced to overcome when working with different products and services on my road to monies.