This Simple 2 Liner Email Gets My Foot In The Door 50% Of The Time

Let’s face it – doing sales / business development for an online company is hard. Getting the first response from your lead is often harder than closing the actual sale. With today’s countless means of communication – each and every one of us is getting bombarded with emails, messages, texts, pings, etc. Moreover if you are shooting in the dark (cold calling), hitting the right person and actually getting a response might feel like it was more luck than skill.

How to Stand Out

After testing 1000’s of different “reach out” emails I have come to 3 conclusions that may or may not surprise you:

Conclusion #1: Be short.

A. No one likes reading long emails.

B. When reading emails / messages on your phone – its much more difficult to put your head around a long email.

Conclusion #2: Be clear & direct.

A. Have a clear call to action

B. Always probe for more information / feedback

C. Lead the conversation step one at a time

Conclusion #3: Be intriguing.

A. Spark the other side’s curiosity, if your email is boring, no one will answer it.

B. Read your email and ask yourself – would you answer that?

Next step – Implementing these conclusions!

In the course of trial an error I have come up with this surprisingly short, yet effective email that has gotten me over 50% response rate (actual human responses – not open or click through rates!)

I now always use it when reaching out to new prospects for the first time:

Hi [NAME],
I am interested in doing business with you!
What’s the best way to contact you?

While this email might look silly or spammy at a first glance, if you break it down you will notice the following:

1. The email is short – it can be read in an instant, regardless of which device you are using.

2. The email is clear – the objective of the email is to get a response -a proof of life, that someone on the other side will acknowledge receiving your email.

3. The email is intriguing – you are telling the other side you want to do business without disclosing what type.

4. The email is respectful – it respects the other person time when asking for their feedback on the most convenient way they prefer to be contacted.

Now it’s your turn. How many leads will you convert?

Yoav is a Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Innovator & Mentor. He has built & consulted many successful startups since 2006.