Road To Monies

By: Yoav Shalev

I help startup founders from all over the world build, launch and scale their businesses.

Road To Monies

Founders Coaching

Building a startup often feels like riding a rollercoaster while they are still building the tracks.

For every high, there are many lows.

It takes time, patience and courage to bring your idea to life and then fruition.

Many times you feel alone, misunderstood, barricaded or unfortunate.

Once in a while you feel accomplished, proud or successful.

But remember always – when you are building your startup you own 100% of your time.

And there is nothing better than feeling like you own 100% of the world’s most precious asset!

My Specialties


Business Analysis

Let's figure out the best road to execute your ideas


Product Market Fit

From your first transaction to hitting the tipping point



Messaging, Prototyping, Advertising, PR. The works...



Business Development, Diversification & Scaling

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    Good Intentions or Good Results?

    3:00 am - 5:00 pm Birmingham, UK
    We all know that, for an education website that integrates e-learning features, Instructor is a must have feature. Luckily, for LearnPress and Eduma, instructor and co-instructor. We all know that, for an education website that integrates e-learning features.


    Tricks That Work

    The #1 killer of all businesses worldwide is the lack of sales! Below is my best advice for any type of entrepranuer:

    Customer Acquisition

    Have a clear vision of who your customer is.
    Only when you understand what your customer looks likes, feels like, smells like, moves like - will you be able to truly scale your business.

    Customer Service

    Treat your customers exactly like as would have expected to be treated by your own company.
    It's that simple.

    Customer Loyalty

    If you can make your customers feel that your business is like the "gift that keeps on giving" they will forever be your customers. Find out what matters to them most and make sure you never fall short.

    Startups Are What I Do

    Helping startup founders is my way of life. I  love to see others succeed and am delighted to support them on their road to monies.


    What founders say

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