Hello, My name is Yoav, Nice to meet you!

I have been blessed with a gift. My gift is the ability to visualize a business before it exists, draw up the blueprints and execute a comprehensive plan to bring it into revenues.

Over the past 15 years I have helped dozens of founders crystalize their offering, improve their marketing and put them on their road to monies.

I absolutely LOVE bringing new and innovative products, services and startups to life. Click Here to read my full story.

Area's Of expertise

Since 2006 I have built, launched and scaled businesses in the following industries: Advertising, Marketing Technologies, Analytics, Medical Device, Wearable Technology, API Microservices,  SaaS Platforms & Info Products.

My expertise includes the following:

  • Business Analysis, Marketing Strategy & Product Development.
  • Messaging, Branding, Audience Building & Press Relations.
  • User acquisition, conversion optimization & Monetization.
  • Growth Hacking, Scaling & Funding.



API's & Microservices